Slabs - Pod, raft and suspended

We specialise in house slabs & multi unit site development. An experienced team providing professional and timely service. We have an experienced team of concreters and a full fleet of equipment, including trucks and excavators, and are capable of undertaking all manner of concrete works in a professional and timely manner.
There are several different variations in slabs. The type of slab you’ll need will depend on the type of soil you’re building on, and how reactive it is. These types can be divided into many sub-categories, which depend on the type of materials that exist down to a certain depth in the soil you're building on.

Our services include:
Raft Slabs - The most common type of slab construction for both houses and multi unit site development.
Waffle Pod Slabs - This is the polystyrene method of slab construction, laid on a rock base. This type of slab is most commonly used in areas that are rock or flood prone.
Suspended slabs.

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